Professional Floor Cleaning

A thorough clean using the latest in floor scrubbing technology.

We employ a professional-grade floor scrubbing machine to ensure a thorough cleaning process. This advanced machine not only applies a cleaning solution but also utilizes high-speed brushes rotating at over 2000 RPM. By combining the scrubbing action with powerful suction, it effectively eliminates the majority of surface dirt and grime without pushing around dirty water!

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The high-performance brushes of our professional floor scrubbing machines diligently agitate the surface, effectively loosening embedded debris. Coupled with their powerful suction capabilities, these machines effortlessly tackle even the most stubborn dirt, leaving surfaces spotless!

In contrast to manual mopping, which often results in smearing, streaking, and incomplete dirt removal, our professional floor scrubbing machines guarantee consistent and uniform outcomes. They also minimize exposure of your floors to standing water and greatly reduce drying time.

In cases where there is excessive visible buildup or stubborn items such as adhesives or stickers, additional deep cleaning through manual hand scrubbing may be necessary, incurring an extra cost.

Floor Cleaning Solution

To prioritize both cleanliness and safety, we exclusively use a neutral pH floor cleaning solution that is compatible with all water-safe surfaces. This solution holds the esteemed Green Seal Certification (GS-37 Category), a mark of its environmental responsibility and commitment to protecting human health. With this certification, you can rest assured that our cleaning practices not only preserve the climate and promote clean water but also provide a hygienic and well-maintained space.

Overall, our cleaning process, supported by the high-performance floor scrubbing machine and our eco-friendly, Green Seal-certified cleaning solution, guarantees safe cleaning while remaining effective!

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