Standard House Cleaning

Cleaning is hectic. So is hiring a cleaning company. We are changing that!

Taking care of our homes is stressful. Whether you have a full house with busy social schedules or just want to relax and enjoy life outside of scrubbing floors, allowing yourself to take time away from cleaning can have life changing effects. But! With hiring a home cleaning company, comes loads of other stresses, things to do and uncomfortable situations.

  • Do I have to stay home all week and show cleaning companies my house for quotes?
  • How can I trust that their cleaning technicians will be safe around my home and family?
  • What if something gets stolen or damaged?
  • Will I have to be at my house every week to make sure things go well?
  • Will I feel guilty having people cleaning my home?

These are all very real emotions that any person might feel about making this lifestyle change. It’s one thing to hear your cleaning company is insured and bonded. But it’s much more powerful to feel you can trust them like family. At Squeaky’s, we work each and every day to create one large family. By treating our employees like we would treat family, valuing their time and compensating them well, we are able to retain the most awesome people. Because we have awesome people, you can rest easy knowing the best of the best are in your home. By training our employees well and refusing to use harsh chemicals, we minimize the risk of damage to your home.

Squeaky’s Whole Home Clean

This is our bread and butter. We have compiled years of collective knowledge about the cleaning industry to create what we believe is the most comprehensive and efficient cleaning system. Our team will dust, clean or sanitize virtually every surface. All rugs, carpets and floors will be vacuumed. Appliances are polished with our favorite green stainless steel polish. Toilets are sanitized and given our sani-shield of approval! Every room is cleaned from top to bottom left to right to ensure we do not miss a thing. For a more comprehensive list of what is included in our standard whole home cleaning head to our cleaning service checklist! Cleanings can be scheduled weekly, every other week, once a month or just one time. For most homes we recommend bi-weekly. For very active homes, weekly can be a life saver!

For a complete list of everything that is included with a standard clean you can view our entire cleaning checklist here.

How does it work?

We have taken every step we can think of to make your experience an easy one. And, we are getting better and better every day! From our easy online booking form, to the automatic text alerts which update you on upcoming bookings and arrival times, we have tried to make booking a cleaning service as convenient as possible.
  1. Head to our state of the art booking page, where you can view pricing and book online instantly.
  2. Once you receive your confirmation email, you can sit back and relax! You will receive text and email updates the days leading up to your appointment.
  3. On the day of your cleaning our staff will show up within the half hour arrival window chosen at booking. No one likes waiting around all day, we have a 97% on time record!
  4. Your cleaning will typically take at least a few hours. During this time you are free to go about business as usual! You can stick around, or go spread your wings! The majority of our clients simply leave us a key or give us a garage code to enter.
  5. Once our team completes the job, they will fill out a full checklist of the tasks completed and leave it on your kitchen counter. And then, they are off and you are free to enjoy your freshly cleaned home. Oh, and of course we guarantee all of our work to be 100% to your satisfaction!
  Not satisfied? We take this very seriously, and will often deploy a team the same day to remedy the situation.  In this situation, we strongly encourage to call us immediately, even after hours.

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