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Here is what to expect from our Routine Clean service:

Group 7

First Time Cleaning

Haven't had your house professionally cleaned within 30 days? Our first time cleaning will whip your house into tip-top shape so that we have a clean slate to properly maintain your home. All of our first time and one-time cleanings are billed hourly because each home varies greatly in the amount of initial work it needs!

Group 6

Routine Cleaning

Looking for ongoing maintenance of your home? We will provide a quote for weekly, biweekly or monthly Routine Cleaning! Once we have completed your First Time Cleaning you can enjoy all of the benefits of this "set it and forget it" solution. This includes everything in the first column of our cleaning checklist.

Group 5

Set and Forget

With text and email reminders, automatic subscription billing, and text, email or phone support we have tried to make Squeaky's not only the greatest cleaning company but also the easiest to work with! After each cleaning you will receive an email "scorecard" to rate your cleaning so that we can ensure no dip in quality!

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