Deep Cleaning

“Deep Cleanings” are 1-time cleaning services meant to whip your house into tip-top shape! We often will require a deep cleaning to begin our ongoing service. The idea is that once we deep clean your home, then going forward we can simply maintain that level of clean. A deep clean is necessary for removing long time stuck-on grime such as, soap scum, hard water marks, cooked on food and more. As you can probably imagine the cost of a deep cleaning varies greatly based on what condition the house is in and how much work has to be done. For this reason, we typically price our deep cleanings at an hourly rate. This also allows us to spend as much or little attention as you would like to different portions of your home.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleanings

Looking for a deep clean before moving into a new home? Looking to get your home ready to sell? We provide a thorough cleaning that includes typical empty house problem areas. Items like inside the cabinets and inside the refrigerator are included with moving cleanings where as they are not usually included with a typical deep clean. Also, upon request we can utilize the power of our pressurized steam cleaner to make your oven and stove look brand new! Click here to learn more about our oven cleanings!

For a complete list of everything that is included with a deep clean you can view our entire deep cleaning checklist here.

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